About Us

"Tenno" translates to "emperor," embodying the regal essence we strive to bring to our customers. Backed by our parent company V & U, a renowned clothing and fabrics enterprise established in 1976, Tenno emerged in 2020 as a brand with a clear vision.

Despite the challenges faced during its inception amidst a changing landscape, Tenno persevered and emerged stronger, presenting a fresh and captivating range of shirts. Our shirts are crafted using premium mill fabrics, primarily consisting of 100% cotton and linen, available in a variety of solids, checks, and prints.

At Tenno, we have carefully considered both style and comfort, ensuring our shirts are suitable for any occasion. Our unique selling point lies in our meticulous stitching and precise design alignment. We offer an extensive collection of shirts, ranging from long sleeves to short sleeves, featuring button-down and mandarin collars, all available in a wide array of fabric options.

Among our best-selling items are corduroy and denim shirts, coveted for their timeless appeal. Additionally, our 60's Lea linens, available in solids and prints, have become customer favorites. For those seeking a classic touch, our Pint Point Oxford shirts, made from 100% cotton, are a must-have.

Of course, we haven't forgotten the allure of classic whites. At Tenno, we guarantee high-quality fabrics and impeccable finishes. Wearing a Tenno shirt is sure to evoke a sense of confidence and elevate your overall experience. Discover the feel-good factor today with Tenno.